Iceland Getaway!

One of my most recent vacations was to Reykjavik in Iceland. While I was only there for 4 days, it was still absolutely wonderful.  I chose Reykjavik because I've always wanted to go, it wasn't super expensive, not too too far, and I had some vacation time to use up at my work :)

I arrived early Thursday morning and had signed up for an excursion to do a viking horse back riding tour and then a trip to one of Iceland's most famous natural, outdoor geothermal spas.  So as soon as I arrived at my hotel, I had about 10 minutes to grab my stuff and make it to the bus that was picking me up.  First we went horseback riding which was awesome, especially because I've never done it before and have always wanted to.

Our next stop was The Blue Lagoon. The steamy waters at The Blue Lagoon are actually part of a lava formation and are around 98–102 °F, which definitely felt really nice after horseback riding for the first time! 
I spent the rest of my vacation in Reykjavik exploring the city, eating some great food and going to some really cool bars. The nightlife there is actually really cool, except people don't start going out until after midnight.. and then they just go until the morning!

All in all it was a great place to go for a few days. There's only so much to do there and it is a small city so I felt like it was the perfect short getaway.

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